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Phoenix can manufacture any style and height of precast pier that you may require on any of your projects. They can be cylindrical, square, or have a spread footing. Please contact the office for quotes on any foundations you may be looking to pour on site.

Round Piers

12in Diameter PierPDF
16in Diameter PierPDF
18in Diameter PierPDF
20in Diameter PierPDF
24in Diameter PierPDF
30in Diameter PierPDF

Round Piers With Footings

12 Inch Dia Pier with FootingPDF
16 Inch Dia Pier with FootingPDF
18 Inch Dia Pier with FootingPDF
20 Inch Dia Pier with FootingPDF
24 Inch Dia Pier with FootingPDF
30 Inch Dia Pier with FootingPDF

Square Piers

12 x 12 Inch PierPDF
14 x 14 Inch PierPDF
16 x 16 Inch PierPDF
18 x 18 Inch PierPDF
20 x 20 Inch PierPDF
24 x 24 Inch PierPDF
30 x 30 Inch PierPDF
36 x 36 Inch PierPDF

Square Piers With Footings

12 x 12 Inch Pier with 24in FootingPDF
18 x 18 inch Pier with 30in FootingPDF
24 x 24 Inch Pier with 36in FootingPDF


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