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Phoenix Precast maintains an inventory of precast grade rings in the following diameters: 24”, 30” and 36”. These products are manufactured in increments of 6” and range in heights of 60” (depending upon the diameter). We also have an assortment of “open throats” for the top of your stormwater drainage structures in various configurations.

HDPE Pipe Collars

Concrete Collar Large HDPE PipePDF
Concrete Collar Small HDPE PipePDF

Grade Rings

24in Diameter HS-20 Adjustment RingsPDF
30in Diameter HS-20 Adjustment RingsPDF
36in Diameter HS-20 Adjustment RingsPDF
Grade Ring 24 SquarePDF
Grade Ring 24In DiameterPDF
Grade Ring 30In DiameterPDF
Grade Ring 36In DiameterPDF
Worcester Std Grade Ring 30 x 36PDF

C Throats

C - Throat NH DOTPDF
C - Throat One Inlet Round CapPDF
C - Throat Right AnglePDF
Double C - ThroatPDF


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