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Phoenix Precast offers a wide selection of concrete tanks available in different sizes and styles. Our holding tanks are available in a single compartment configuration and are altered to have only one access point in the top. We manufacture our holding tanks with only one inlet, unless project specifications require additional openings. If you have a requirement for a holding tank with a specially-sized requirement, please contact the office so we can forward a quote and drawing for your review.


  • High Water Alarms
  • Visual Liquid Level Indicators

Light Duty Mid-Seam Holding tanks

1000 Gallon LD Holding TankPDF
1250 Gallon LD Holding TankPDF
1500 Gallon LD Holding TankPDF
2000 Gallon LD Holding TankPDF
2500 Gallon LD Holding TankPDF

HS-20 Multi-Seam Holding Tanks

500 Gallon HS-20 Holding TankPDF
2500 Gallon HS-20 Holding TankPDF
3000 Gallon HS-20 Holding TankPDF
4000 Gallon HS-20 Holding TankPDF
5000 Gallon HS-20 Holding TankPDF

HS-20 Top-Seam Holding Tanks

1000 Gallon HS-20 Top Seam Holding TankPDF
1250 Gallon HS-20 Top Seam Holding TankPDF
1500 Gallon HS-20 Top Seam Holding TankPDF
1750 Gallon HS-20 Top Seam Holding TankPDF
2000 Gallon HS-20 Top Seam Holding TankPDF


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