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Phoenix Precast specializes in being able to make you a project specific pad for your generator installation, or any pad you need to set a piece of equipment on in a very short period of time. We can typically manufacture and install a custom pad in a few days.

With our 5,000 psi mix design and 24 hr break strengths @ 3,500 psi you can have a pad in place before your form contractor gives you his schedule of when he will be arriving on site. Fast, clean, and accurate, all pads are supplied with a shop drawing prior to delivery so you know exactly what is going to be delivered. Have your site contractor prepare the base and give us access to the drop location, and we will set it in place. If the generator is on site at the same time, after the pad is set we can place it right on.

Pads for Generators and Equipment

2.5 Ft Condenser PadPDF
3 Ft x 5 Ft Standard Generator PadPDF
4 Ft x 8 Ft Standard Generator PadPDF
4 Ft x 10 Ft Generator Pad with FoundationPDF
Custom Transformer Pad - Order SheetPDF
Custom Equipment Pad - Order SheetPDF
Custom Generator Pad - Order SheetPDF


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