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Phoenix Precast manufactures precast concrete water cisterns for any project. Precast concrete has many benefits above alternate materials, regardless of what the alternate material suppliers state;

Myth Concrete is water resistant, while fiberglass, plastic, and steel are watertight.
Fact Current technology enables Phoenix to include a concrete admixture that provides you a guaranteed watertight tank. SEE – ACCESSORIES – WATERPROOFING ADMIXTURES
What They Offer: Other manufacturers will put the onus of installation on you:
  • You have to be very careful pressure testing the tank, too much pressure will collapse it
  • You have to be very careful unloading it from the truck, you are responsible for rigging and unloading, and you must have a qualified rigger on site
  • You should not drive on the tank, if you want to drive over the tank you need a minimum of 3 Ft – 4 Ft of backfill, and if it’s a shallow installation, you need to have an independent structural engineer design a reinforced concrete slab over the top of it
  • We have a terrific product, and the limited warranty will be good for one (1) year from the date of the original delivery, and please ensure you complete the 28 point checklist which includes deflection measurements, sieve analysis, etc.., to validate your limited one-year warranty
The Phoenix Difference: Our installers will pull up to the site, as long as you have the crane ready to go and our trained installers will install and pipe the cistern so that you have a completely finished product and you can:
  • Pressure test it before backfill, per the new ASTM C1719
  • Watch Phoenix install the system; you supply the crane and we unload and install it in place
  • You can drive on it as soon as its backfilled, no additional expense is required
  • Phoenix guarantees the cistern for 10 years


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