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Phoenix Precast can offers many options for our products that are being designed on sites that will encounter high water tables. We can provide separate slabs, and we can make any diameter round or square structure with an attached anti-flotation collar.


Anti-Flotation Slabs

Anti-Flotation Pad - ManholesPDF
Anti-Flotation Pad - TanksPDF
Mounting BracketPDF

Manhole Anti-Flotation Collar

4ft Dia with AF CollarPDF
5ft Dia with AF CollarPDF
6ft Dia with AF CollarPDF
8ft Dia with AF CollarPDF

Tank Anti-Flotation Collar

HS-20 Tank Anti-FlotationPDF
LD-HD Tank Anti-FlotationPDF
Top Seam Tank Anti-FlotationPDF


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