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Phoenix Precast recommends sizing of the access openings before the sizing of the precast concrete structures  We can assist your project designer and engineer in the planning phase of your project.  This will allow them to determine the most efficient access options for your project, ensuring easy access into your mechanical system areas.

This could include:

  • Sizing of openings
  • Frame Styles
  • Loading Requirements

Fall Thru Protection

Protective Barrier - Chains & PostsPDF
Protective Grate SystemsPDF
Protective NetsPDF

Frame Styles

Angle FramePDF
BPC Basin Pedestrian CoverPDF
BPS Basin Cover Single Door FramePDF
Flood ResistentPDF
Trough FramePDF

Grade Finishes

Typical Access Hatch InstallationPDF

Loading Capacities

HS-20 Hinged Heavy Duty Ductile Iron HatchPDF
HS-20 Load Rated - AluminumPDF
HS-20 Traffic Applications-BrochurePDF
Light Duty Pedestrian Rated - 300 PsfPDF


Door GasketsPDF
Frame SkirtsPDF
Lift SpringsPDF
Locking DevicesPDF
Recessed Padlock BoxPDF


4ft Diameter Riser Hatch SelectionPDF
5ft Diameter Riser Hatch SelectionPDF
6ft Diameter Riser Hatch SelectionPDF


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