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Phoenix Precast maintains an extensive inventory of accessories to complement the septic products for your projects.

Baffles & Pipe Supports

Extend-A-Lok Pipe Fitting For BafflesPDF
Stainless Steel Pipe Support BracketPDF
Tee Baffle - One piecePDF
Typical Tank Baffle Assemblies - Light DutyPDF

Boots & Bushings

4'' & 6'' Closed Face Flexible BootPDF
4'' Closed Face Flexible BootPDF
Distribution Box SealPDF
Pipe BushingsPDF

Distribution Box Supplies

Polylok EqualizersPDF
Speed LevelersPDF

Plastic Tank Extensions & Accessories

Infiltrator 30in Plastic CoverPDF
Infiltrator 30in x 12in Plastic Extension RiserPDF
Infiltrator Plastic ExtensionsPDF
20in ID Polylok Plastic Tank ExtensionsPDF
24in ID Polylok Plastic Tank ExtensionsPDF
Tuf-Tite Plastic Tank ExtensionsPDF

Septic Effluent Filters

Polylok Filter Alarm 3014A -3014B SWITCH-PANELPDF
Polylok Filter Alarm InstructionsPDF
Polylok Tank Alert XT Alarm ManualPDF
Sje Rhombus Tank Alert High Water AlarmPDF
Polylok PL-122 Effluent FilterPDF
Polylok PL-68 Effluent FilterPDF
Zabel A100 - A300 - A600 Effluent FiltersPDF
Zabel A1800 Effluent FilterPDF
Tuf-Tite EF-4'' & 6'' Effluent FiltersPDF

Vents & Carbon Filters

Advanced Carbon Systems VP8-4S Commercial FilterPDF
Advanced Carbon Systems VP8-4S Vent Pipe Filter InstructionsPDF
General Carbon Vent Pure TPDF
General Carbon Vent Pure GPDF

Septic Tank Accessories Drawing

Septic Tank Accessories DrawingPDF


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