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For 50 years, septic designers have used precast concrete leaching chambers for the Effluent Disposal Area (EDA) under locations with vehicular traffic. Phoenix Precast offers a complete line of precast concrete leaching chambers to fit these designs.

Each of our leaching chambers are Flo-Diffusers®, a precast chamber with a built-in 4” diameter trough which allows the EDA to be built without the need of running 4” perforated pipe under the chambers or from chamber to chamber.

Phoenix Precast Leaching Chambers

  • Flo-Diffusers are either 13” or 18” tall
  • Flo-Diffusers are either an “S” Short, Side Entry or “L” Long, End Entry
  • Flo-Diffusers are all manufactured for HS-20 Traffic Loading
  • Flo-Diffusers have (1) Port for “Access To Grade” for Inspection
  • Extend-A-Lok Pipe Fitting Recommended for Chamber to Pipe Connection

Presby Environmental Products

Phoenix Precast is a direct distributor for Presby Environmental Products.  We offer Enviro-Septic and Advanced Enviro-Septic Pipe and Accessories along with the Presby Mazes for your project requirements.

Concrete Leaching Chambers

4 x 8 x 13in L Flow DiffuserPDF
4 x 8 x 13in S Flow DiffuserPDF
4 x 8 x 18in L Flow DiffuserPDF
4 x 8 x 18in S Flow DiffuserPDF
4 x 12 x 13in L Flow DiffuserPDF
4 x 12 x 13in S Flow DiffuserPDF
4 x 12 x 18in L Flow DiffuserPDF
4 x 12 x 18in S Flow DiffuserPDF

Plastic Leachfield Products

Enviro-Septic Product BrochurePDF
Presby Enviro-Septic Design & Installation Manual Sept-2013-Edition-PDF


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