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Phoenix Precast manufacturers numerous styles of precast light pole bases -- round, square, tapered, or pyramid. Precast concrete light pole bases, round or square, can be made in any height in most sizes. Our light pole bases are made to order in a very short period of time, so we typically can meet any project schedule.

Phoenix maintains a large inventory of accessories (bolts, conduit, ground wire & rods, carlon boxes), which allows for an easy startup within hours of placing your order if your schedule requires it. If you’re a contractor that still pours these products in place, please call the office and let us quote your next project.

Precast concrete light pole bases come ready to install no matter what the weather is. Strength or cosmetic issues and hassles in worrying about the correct alignment of anchor bolts or conduit orientation are also prevented with precast concrete light pole bases. 

Order Sheets

12in Diameter - LPB Order FormPDF
16in Diameter - LPB Order FormPDF
18in Diameter - LPB Order FormPDF
20in Diameter - LPB Order FormPDF
24in Diameter - LPB Order FormPDF
30in Diameter - LPB Order FormPDF
36in Diameter - LPB Order FormPDF
Pyramid - LPB Order FormPDF
Round - LPB Order FormPDF
Round 3-Bolt Pattern - LPB Order FormPDF
Square - LPB Order FormPDF
Tapered - LPB Order FormPDF

Round Foundations

12in Diameter Light Pole BasePDF
16in Diameter Light Pole BasePDF
18in Diameter Light Pole BasePDF
20in Diameter Light Pole BasePDF
24in Diameter Light Pole BasePDF
30in Diameter Light Pole BasePDF
36in Diameter Light Pole BasePDF

Square Foundations

18in Square Light Pole BasePDF
24in Square Light Pole BasePDF
30in Square Light Pole BasePDF
36in Square Light Pole BasePDF

Tapered - Special Foundations

24in Diameter - Light Pole Base With Reduced Top - 6 x 16PDF
Pyramid - Light Pole BasePDF
Round - Light Pole Foundation With Extended BasePDF
Tapered - Light Pole Base - LongPDF
Tapered - Light Pole Base - ShortPDF


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