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Phoenix Precast has been manufacturing precast concrete products for New England airports for more than 15 Years. We have worked at Manchester Regional Airport when they were rapidly growing back in early 2000s to current projects at the Morrisville-Stowe State Airport.

From electrical manholes and vaults to the precast concrete airfield guidance sign foundations, Phoenix can cast any airfield concrete accessory item that is needed,. This includes the L-867 galvanized can light base, conduit, duct terminators and frames & covers.

Phoenix can design your precast products to meet and/or exceed any of the loading requirements that are specified for your project, and all structures are stamped by a licensed structural engineer.

Light Cans & Duct Markers

12in Can Taxiway Light BasePDF
Concrete Cable MarkersPDF

Airport Sign Foundations

Distance Remaining Sign FoundationPDF
Lamp Housing FoundationPDF
Module Guidance Sign FoundationsPDF
Power Control Station FoundationPDF

Airport Rated Structures

FAA Hand HolePDF
FAA Hand Hole - Airport LoadingPDF
FAA Hand Hole - With FloorPDF


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