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When you choose to work with Phoenix Precast, you’re choosing a supplier with the most flexibility for your individual septic designs. As one of the largest manufacturers of precast Onsite Wastewater products in New Hampshire, we are able to provide you, the designer/installer, with a vast product selection.

Need a custom design in a limited amount of time? No sweat, that’s our area of expertise. Our large inventory of stock products enables us to be able to manufacture the custom products you need in only a few days, not weeks.

With over 20 years of experience, we know the importance of flexibility. We also know that you, the customer, are in search of the best product for the project. That’s why Phoenix Precast gives you the freedom to alter most of our manufactured products.

We’re proud to be the supplier of choice for septic professionals across New Hampshire. As the only NPCA certified plant for residential septic – onsite waste-water professionals in New Hampshire, we never stop working on adding new products or making product improvements to enhance our precast offerings.

In addition to our plant’s certification, we adhere to the rigid NPCA Plant Inspection Program. All Phoenix Precast septic tank products are manufactured following the “Best Practices Manual for Septic Tank Manufacturing” by the NPCA, along with compliance to ASTM C 1227.

Phoenix Precast Onsite Wastewater Products are:

  • Structurally Sound
  • Watertight
  • Resistant to Buoyant Forces
  • Manufactured to the Highest Industry Quality Standards


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