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Phoenix Precast can provide different options for precast concrete trench drains and small catch basin items for your driveway projects. We manufacture splash pads, sump pump pits, mini-drywells, and lawn drains.


Our mini-drywell units are available for collecting, retaining and discharging on-site roof drainage, water softener discharge and many other uses. These products have a storage capacity of approximately 50 Gallons per vertical foot and are designed for any type of loading requirements so you don’t need to worry where you use them.

Lawn Drains

Our lawn drain units are available for collecting and re-directing stormwater away from buildings and various small areas with poor surface drainage. We readily provide these products in different diameters and also have varying cast iron or plastic grates to collect the surface water.


3 Ft and 6 Ft Trench DrainPDF
Sump Pump PitPDF
3 Ft Dry WellPDF


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