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Every designer wants the freedom to create a custom design based on the project specs. Phoenix Precast offers many different styles of precast concrete distribution boxes for customers and septic designers. Our selections are manufactured using Polylok “Poly I” plastic pipe seals for our pipe connections to provide a watertight application.

Phoenix Precast has many different options for your distribution box needs

  • D-Boxes With Sumps
  • D-Boxes With 6” Inlets
  • D-Boxes With Booted Pipe Connections For Smaller Diameter Force Mains
  • D-Boxes With HS-20 Traffic Loading
  • D- Boxes With Access To Grade for Inspection Purposes
  • D- Boxes With Extra Inlets For Venting Requirements
  • Velocity Reducing Boxes
  • Custom Distribution Boxes

Leveling Slabs - Flow Equalization

Equal distribution of effluent entering the disposal field is critical. For those designers/installers who require added stability under the distribution box, we offer various sizes of leveling slabs to aid in keeping the distribution boxes level. Along with the leveling slabs, Phoenix stocks many different products that are used to achieve proper equalization -- Flow Equalizers® or Speed Levelers® are some examples. These products help to ensure the effluent leaving the distribution box will be, uniformly and evenly, divided and discharged throughout the entire leach field.

Distribution Boxes - Custom Available

Distribution Boxes - Standard

5 Outlet D-BoxPDF
5 Outlet D-Box Heavy Duty CoverPDF
6 Outlet 2 Inlet D-Box With SumpPDF
6 Outlet D-Box With SumpPDF
8 Outlet D-BoxPDF
8 Outlet Triple Inlet D-Box with SumpPDF
9 Outlet D-Box with HS-20 LoadingPDF
10 Outlet D-Box With SumpPDF
12 Outlet D-BoxPDF
13 Outlet 2-Inlet D-Box With HS-20 LoadingPDF
14 Outlet D-BoxPDF
14 Outlet D-Box With HS-20 Loading - Access To GradePDF
28 Outlet D-Box With HS-20 Loading - Access To GradePDF

Leveling Slabs

3-5-6-8-9 Outlet_Leveling SlabPDF
10-12-13-14 Outlet Leveling SlabPDF
D-Box Leveling Slab_SmallPDF
D Box Leveling Slab_MediumPDF
D-Box Leveling Slab_LargePDF

Velocity Reducing Boxes

3 Outlet H-20 Velocity Reducing D-BoxPDF
6 Outlet H-20 Velocity Reducing D-BoxPDF


Polylok EqualizersPDF
Speed LevelersPDF


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