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When choosing a design for your next commercial project, look no further than precast concrete's industry history. Precast concrete gravity grease interceptors have been in use for more than 100 years.

The design is based on grease separation & retention time, which is critical in sizing the interceptor. The interceptor needs to be sized large enough to ensure that when fluids pass through the tank, the rate of flow is slow enough to allow the liquid to cool, rise the grease to the top and to settle the heavier solid particles into the bottom.

Phoenix Precast Grease Interceptor Advantages

  • Most Economical Product in the industry for the volume they hold.
  • Provide Easy Access for Maintenance Inspection Programs, Cleaning and Removal of Fats, Oils, & Grease.
  • Many sizes are available to hold large quantities of grease, which will facilitate longer retention times without affecting the retention effectiveness.
  • Standard HS-20 loading on all precast products, alternate materials require expensive cast-in place slabs or collars along with reduced traffic loading.
  • Resistant to buoyant forces of water, they will not float, unlike alternate materials that require additional expense to avoid floatation.
  • Tanks can be vacuum tested to insure water-tightness, other materials must be water tested.


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