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Phoenix Precast offers a wide selection of concrete septic tanks in many different sizes and styles for your project requirements. Our septic tanks are available in numerous compartmentalized configurations, which allows for tremendous flexibility within your designs.

Structural Integrity & Specifications

All of our precast concrete tanks are reinforced with steel and /or fiber reinforcement and manufactured with self-consolidating concrete. The designs of our tank products have been reviewed by independent structural engineering firms, to ensure compliance with the following agencies & affiliations;

  • NHDES Sub-Surface Division
  • Mass Title IV Requirements
  • ASTM C1227
  • ASTM CB90

Our Septic tanks are available for whatever the loading requirements are

Class 1 Light Duty 1 - 3 Feet of Cover, Non-Traffic Applications
Class 2 Heavy Duty 3 – 6 Feet of Cover, Non-Traffic Applications
Class 3 HS-20 Loading 0 - 5 Feet of Cover, Traffic Applications;
Special Loading Per Project Specifications

QC Testing

Phoenix Precast is a certified manufacturing plant under The National Precast Concrete Association, which requires a rigid quality control program and random plant inspections. Our QC personnel are certified field testing technicians by the American Concrete Institute, and they perform our daily quality control testing of our mix design, which includes but not limited to; break strengths, air entrainment, spread measurement, moisture content, and unit weights calculations. We manufacture our concrete tanks per NPCA guidelines & the NPCA Best Practices manual throughout the year, assuring a watertight tank for the products we install.

Loading Classifications

The tank Products we offer have been reviewed by an independent structural engineer for loading classifications. Custom tanks can be designed to achieve the loading requirements as deemed by the design engineer on an individual basis.


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