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Phoenix Precast manufacturers a complete line of area drains and drop inlets to meet any design requirement. Each of these items are HS-20 load rated, so don’t settle for alternate materials that contractors worry about during construction. Precast concrete area drains are made to be installed, no matter how early in the scope of the project.

  • Booted pipe connections
  • Openings of any size can be cast into the top for frames, grates & covers
  • Various sizes for any of your requirements

Area Drains - Drop Inlets

2 Ft Dia Area DrainsPDF
2 Ft Dia Cleanout DrainPDF
2 Ft Drop Inlet Base With Top SlabPDF
2 Ft Drop Inlet BasePDF
2 Ft Drop Inlet RiserPDF
2 Ft Square Area Drains with Knock-OutsPDF
2 Ft Square Area DrainsPDF
2 Ft Square Direct InletPDF
2 Ft Square Drop InletPDF
2 Ft x 4 Ft Drop InletPDF
3 Ft Dia Area DrainsPDF
3 Ft Square Drop InletPDF
30 In Diameter Area DrainPDF
30in Diameter Drop Inlet BasePDF
30in Diameter Drop Inlet RiserPDF
NHDOT Drop Inlet Type DBPDF


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